fashion and alchemy

"To understand both fashion and alchemy we must relate these practices to a concept with which they are both deeply entwined; the concept of myth . Fashion and alchemy are both usually seen as unserious practices with neither the social value of the fine arts nor the accuracy of the exact sciences. But myth is neither the opposite of science, nor is it a deception or untrue image of the world. Myths are the powerful imaginative fabrics we weave our world with. Myth does not veil reality but makes it visible, and just like fashion we live our lives inside it. It wraps the world with a holistic threadwork; not fragmenting the world into atomized and isolated data but weaving the narratives of the world into visible and tangible shapes.

Though generally regarded as shallow and ephemeral, fashion is one of the strongest myths in contemporary society. Fashion can be regarded as another layer of the world, relating to deeper transformations in the human lived experience." ~Otto von Busch


Shari Trnka