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Life in Bloom

Stepping off the treadmill of working for many years in the fashion industry I spent a few years healing and recovering my artistic spirit. The garden was my place of healing. I am deeply inspired by the beauty of nature. Love is a flower blooming in my heart.

Reflecting on the wasteful and exploitative nature of the global fashion industry I choose to make clothing primarily from upcycled materials, finding beauty in discards, reclaiming textiles that have life left in them even if the "fashion" is outdated or damaged. I look for high quality natural fibers and build new cloth from scraps, playing with texture and color. 

After so many years of precision pattern-making for factory production my preference now is to make my creations with no pattern, to sculpt with cloth. Sometimes I start something thinking to make a particular thing and along the way it morphs and I end up making something entirely different. 

My first clothing business in my late teens was children's clothing. Recently I have returned to making children's clothing calling my collection Trnka Trnka Little Star after my sweet niece Trnka. 

I have a small two story studio full of light and color. Folks in my community come for custom clothing after answering my "Clothing of your Dreams" questionnaire. I enjoy working with textiles that are meaningful to the individual, bringing new life to treasured pieces no longer worn or received from beloved family members no longer with us. My intention is to create clothing with meaning, to assist folks in expressing their essence.

‘trnka’ is my brand of artful post-industrial folk clothing for cultural creatives. It's time to reconnect and remember our essence! 
I make my clothing from scraps, high quality used clothing and cherry textile finds. I love upcycling!
Comfortable, stylish, textural,
re-claimed, re-imagined, re-shaped
with nature in mind.
Inspired by leaves, petals, bark, roots,
made for movement
honoring love and life.
Clothing as petals on the flower that is your body.
Every creation is truly one of a kind!

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